Brother GTX
Brother GTX Direct To Garment Printer

You won't find a more advanced direct to garment printer
Brother GTX print samples
Brother GTX Innobella DTG Inks

Eco Friendly, Certified Inks...

GTX printer inks are manufactured according to Brother's exclusive formulation to provide the best possible results. These DTG inks are amongst the first to not only carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification, but also to be GOTS APPROVED and CPSIA compliant* to help ensure they are safe for printing and environmentally responsible. 

So, why choose the Brother GTX

Industrial print heads...

New industrial print head design with four channels of ink nozzles, producing magnificent prints in 1200dpi detail. The 'on demand' Piezo heads automatically heats the ink to the correct viscosity for printing conditions, no matter the environment, allowing for perfect prints everytime regardless of expertise.

Brother GTX Industrial Print Heads
Brother GTX Ink Supply System

Ink supply system...

GTX inks are available in 700cc pouches for both White and CMYK, drastically reducing the amount of waste plastic from conventional cartridges. The cartridge mechanism automatically rolls up the pouches, squeezing as much ink out as possible, maximising your ink usage. This system is more cost effective and eco friendly than alternative methods...

White ink circulation & less maintenance...

Thanks to the industrial design of the GTX, this machine constantly recirculates the white ink in it's system, preventing any sedimentation build up in the machine. Along side this, automation of most maintenance procedures means less down-time and more time spent printing.

Brother GTX White Ink Circulation & Less Maintenance
That's not all, there's more
Brother GTX Platen Height Sensor

Platen height sensor...

Sensor technology inside the machine alerts the operator when a head strike may occur, this prevents the machine from printing until the obstruction is removed, meaning accidentally damaging your print heads by mis-loading a garment is a thing of the past.

Why settle for less?

Experience the ultimate image quality and high volume production with the Brother GTX, whatever your level of expertise. Designed to provide the best printing results possible with both performance and user friendliness in mind.

Brother GTX Print Samples
Why this machine is so reliable and trusted by our customers
Brother GTX Wet Capping Station & Maintenance Unit

Wet capping station & maintenance unit...

The wet capping station helps eliminate the possibility of ink drying on the nozzle plate. By constantly submerging the surface of the print head in maintenance solution whilst idle, ink drying in the nozzles is a thing of the past. Wiper blades routinely clean the surface of the print heads whilst printing making sure your machine is always running at optimum performance.

Built in temperature & humidity sensors...

The GTX constantly monitors the temperature and humidity in it's environment and will adapt accordingly to preserve the life of it's components. Truly, a machine that's at your side.

Brother GTX Built in Temperature & Humidity Sensors
No rip, no fuss, no problem
Brother GTX Graphics Lab

Graphics Lab...

No need for a complicated rip, Graphics Lab comes standard with every GTX. Easy and simple to use whilst providing maximum control over your designs. Just place, position and print. It's that easy (GTX machines are still compatible with third party rip software).

On-board memory & USB convenience...

Need to print just a few more of a certain design but haven't got the artwork to hand? No problem, the GTX stores approximately 100 designs thanks to it's on-board memory system, so all your latest printed designs are available at the touch of a button.

Brother GTX On-board memory & USB compatibility
A reliable machine from a trusted brand
Brother GTX proven pedigree

Proven pedigree...

Since Direct to Garment printing began, Brother has been at the forefront of innovation and development, successfully manufacturing four generations of Direct to Garment printers and distributing them to customers all over the world. With service and support on every continent, you can be sure that Brother will always be 'at your side'...

Scalable for mass production
Brother GTX mass production set-up
Brother GTX mass production set-up

Scalable and Industrial.

Multiple numbers of small machines gives high production figures for the big players, whilst providing start up customers the opportunity for their investment to grow with their business. Don't believe us? See our figures below...


dark shirts


dark shirts


dark shirts

1 Brother GTX

2 Brother GTX

8 Brother GTX

1 Pretreatmaker1 Pretreatmaker1 Pretreatmaker LINE
1 Heat Press1 Tunnel Dryer 2 Tunner Dryers 
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