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Reduced running costs, whilst helping to build a more sustainable future...

Brother DTG Direct to Garment Printer Inks are manufactured according to Brother's exclusive formulation to provide the best possible results. These Direct to Garment Printer Inks are amongst the first to not only carry the Oeko-Tex® Certification, but also to be GOTS APPROVED and CPSIA compliant* to help ensure they are safe for printing and environmentally responsible. They also boast the best wash fastness results in the DTG industry.

Faster & easier than ever before...

Equipped with four new industrial grade print heads, the Brother GTX600 DTG Printer offers high output per hour whilst maintaining the legendary 'Brother' quality and reliability. The white print heads have an internal ink re-circulation system to reduce wastage, along with with new built-in cooling fans to allow for continuous print operation. All print heads park in a wet capping station whenever idle, reducing maintenance times and the possibility of blocked nozzles. Both these features are a revolutionary solution in the Direct to Garment Industry.

Brother GTX 600 Maintenance Unit
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Adjustable print resolution...

A switchable print resolution allows you to print at either 1200dpi, 900dpi or 600dpi on the Brother GTX600 DTG Printer, providing you with the tools best suited to each individual job. Achieve stunning detail for photos or tonal/gradient artwork in 1200dpi resolution to really show off your work. Choose the 900dpi or 600dpi resolutions to print even faster when printing logos and solid colour vector designs, greatly reducing the ink usage in the process. All this power at your fingertips not only unlocks your creativity, but reduces your ink costs for certain designs.

Brother GTX 600 Internal Humidity Control

Internal Humidity Control...

The Brother GTX600 Direct to Garment Printer has an integrated humidity control system, creating and maintaining the perfect environment for the print heads to operate at maximum performance. No need for controlling the humidity of the room anymore, just connect to a water supply and the onboard humidifying and water filtration system does the rest, leaving you to focus on the printing.

Bulk ink supply system...

Brother GTX600 DTG Direct to Garment Printer Inks are available in 9L and 18L containers, drastically reducing ink costs per cc for high-production/volume DTG printers. A stainless steel impeller within the white ink tank and full circulation system means no more shaking of the white DTG Printer Inks is required, giving you more production time every day.

Brother GTX 600 Bulk Ink System
Brother GTX 600 Platen Height Adjustment

Auto Platen Height Adjustment...

Adjust the height of the platen directly from the control panel on the Brother GTX600 DTG Printer. Simply select from six common height presets, or make two presets of your own, for the more 'bespoke' runs. Not only does this cut downtime between jobs, it also makes life easier for the operator.

Print on almost anything, without compromise.

Be the 'one-stop-shop' in Direct to Garment printing with the Brother GTX600 DTG Printer. Decorate a wide selection of garments without restraints, including standard cotton tee's, bags, tea towels, shoes, denim to name a few...

Brother GTX 600 Different Garment Applications

Print DTF Transfers on your Brother Direct to Garment Printer...

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Scalable for mass production.

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Get more done in 8 hours with the Brother GTX600...

Multiple numbers of DTG printers is the logical solution for big players, providing higher production numbers whilst offering greater redundancy in the event of unforeseen circumstances; without the huge financial investment and risk of 'placing all your eggs in one basket'. It also provides start-up businesses with the opportunity to grow according to their volume. Don't believe us? See our figures below...

dark shirts

1 Brother GTX600
1 Pretreatmaker
2 Heat Presses

dark shirts

3 Brother GTX600
1 Pretreatmaker LINE
1 Tunnel Dryer

dark shirts

2 Brother GTX600
1 Pretreatmaker
1 Tunnel Dryer

dark shirts

4+ Brother GTX600
1 Pretreatmaker LINE
1 Tunnel Dryer

NB: Specified values may vary. Equipment used is only a recommendation. Above figures based on 1200dpi resolution and average sized print. Double production capacity compared to the GTXpro in case of 900dpi mode due to improved maintenance interval.


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