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Available in single belt & twin return belt versions.

Excellent results...

Specifically designed to cure water-based digital inks, these dryers produce a high volume of forced air circulation which is directed on to the garment. A dedicated air exchange system extracts steam and moisture from inside the dryer, promoting greater air circulation and accelerating the evaporation process of water-based digital inks with unmatched results in the DTG dryer category.

Outstanding build quality...

Heavily insulated mineral-wool fibre incorporated in the build results in more efficient curing, less power consumption and a cooler workplace. Equipped with multiple monitoring systems, garments are cured gently and consistently throughout the oven module, allowing you to cure on delicate garments with ease. Each dryer is checked individually before leaving the factory, providing you with peace of mind.

Pro-face control panel...

The latest touch-screen control panel has an easy and intuitive design. Time and temperature control are both processed digitally for precise and fast adjustments. All parameters are displayed clearly for the operator to ensure the correct curing standards are maintained. 

Height adjustable tunnel...

The tunnel height may be adjusted to suit many different types of substrate. Height adjustable gates front and back also serve to reduce energy loss by keeping the heat inside the oven, reducing your running costs accordingly by ensuring maximum efficiency. 

Opening side panels...

The interior of the dryer is easily accessible thanks to the opening side panels on the dryer. No tools required, just twist or unclip the brackets and detach the side panel. Complete maintenance procedures with plenty of working room. When you're done, just re-attach the side panel and you're good to go.

Adjustable oven hood...

The Ace 600 has an adjustable oven hood fitted as standard, allowing the customer to retain heat inside the dryer and also reduce the volume of fumes escaping the dryer. This results in not only a more efficient dryer, but a safer dryer. With a wide range of movement, the height can be easily adjusted to suit any item being cured.

Why this machine is so reliable and trusted by our customers

Single belt or return belt...

The return conveyor belt is a unique feature that allows a single operator to be more efficient. The cured garment is returned to the start position along a lower belt allowing one operator to handle all operations.

Inlet & outlet extensions...

Modular construction allows for extensions to be made to the inlet or the outlet belts, this option can offer ultimate configuration for any business allowing for multiple DTG machines to utilise one single dryer.

Optional cooling bridge...

An optional cooling bridge over the outlet of the dryer is an effective cooling system to protect both the operator and the delicate products from high temperatures as they exit the dryer. 

Production figures...

Water-based Digital Ink - A4 print size on T-shirt - Data may change according to fabric material, drying area size, and ink curing requirements.

Curing Area: 2000 x 600mm

3 minutes curing time:          100 pieces/h
4 minutes curing time:            70 pieces/h
5 minutes curing time:            60 pieces/h
6 minutes curing time:            50 pieces/h

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