DiDO Shop

£5,995 plus VAT

3 drawers with independent timers, electric dryer (single phase).

Excellent results...

Specifically designed to cure water-based digital inks, these dryers produce a high volume of forced air circulation which is directed on to the garment. A dedicated air exchange system extracts steam and moisture from inside the dryer, promoting greater air circulation and accelerating the evaporation process of water-based digital inks with unmatched results in the DTG dryer category.

Outstanding build quality...

Heavily insulated mineral-wool fibre incorporated in the build results in more efficient curing, less power consumption and a cooler workplace. Equipped with multiple monitoring systems, garments are cured gently and consistently throughout the oven module, allowing you to cure on delicate garments with ease. Each dryer is checked individually before leaving the factory, providing you with peace of mind.

User friendly control panel...

The latest touch-screen control panel has an easy and intuitive design. Time and temperature control are both processed digitally for precise and fast adjustments. All parameters are displayed clearly for the operator to ensure the correct curing standards are maintained. 

3 independent drawers...

The DiDO Shop utilises a unique feature of three drawers, each with their own timer, allowing you to cure different garments or inks that have different cure times to each other. The independent drawer timers will provide maximum flexibility, they also maximise production output, no need to wait for the drawer with the slowest cure time.

Easy access air filters...

Air filters are located at the front of the dryer on a pull out tray, very easy to access and clean. No need to worry about down time, you can remove and clean the air filters during production.

Deep drawers...

The DiDO Shop drawers have been designed to accommodate a wide range of garments and substrates, allowing the customer to expand into other markets easily whilst offering easy load and unload access. Mesh construction promotes airflow through the drawers resulting in "conveyor dryer results" for the compact dryer market.

Production figures...

Water-based Digital Ink - A4 print size on T-shirt - Data may change according to fabric material, drying area size, and ink curing requirements.

3:30 minutes curing time:      30-45 pieces/h

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