Introducing the smart way to pretreat textiles

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£5,295 plus VAT
(Optional Stand + £325 plus VAT)

63cm x 63cm max spray area. For smaller spray areas, please view Schulze Pretreatmaker 5

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Take a closer look at the Schulze Pretreatmaker 5...

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More nozzles, more consistent coverage...

The Schulze Pretreatmaker 5 comes equipped with five spray nozzles as standard, giving you much greater control over where you want to pretreat, whilst providing a more consistent coverage across the garment. These nozzles can be easily removed/replaced during maintenance procedures and can be swapped out for nozzles with different fan angles if required.

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Smart user interface...

The improved user interface allows you to quickly adjust the spray width and length by clicking on the highlighted channels, or enter your own precise spray length in centimetres. Save your most frequently used settings on 6 editable presets. The new smart software prompts notifications displaying key information to the operator such as tank levels, impending maintenance procedures and much more. Fine-tune your Schulze Pretreatmaker 5 by completing it's 2 minute calibration process. Once finished, the machine will tell you exactly how much pretreatment you are using per garment in grams. You can even schedule start-ups, so the machine is ready to go at the start of the day.

New scales monitoring tank levels...

All tanks now sit on pressure sensitive scales, constantly monitoring the pretreatment, distilled water and waste tank levels. A notification appears on the touch screen when each tank is running low or when the waste tank is nearly full, alerting you of a potential issue without wasting a garment. You still have two pretreatment tanks at your disposal, just turn a valve at the back of the machine to switch tanks, then select the appropriate tank on the touch screen and the Schulze Pretreatmaker 5 does the rest. It draws the pretreatment through the lines automatically, reducing unnecessary wastage when compared to manual fluid draw by up to 30%*.

*(Compared to a system with a 4-nozzle setup).

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Proven pretreatment machines from the market leaders...

Schulze have dominated the market for many years with their renowned 'Pretreatmaker' generation of machines, always being the customers' choice, and their latest in the family has evolved into the best one yet. Debates aside, it doesn't matter which Direct to Garment Printer you have, everyone agrees on a Schulze pretreatment machine. Order your Pretreatmaker 5 today.

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Compatible & adaptable with your current or future workflow set-up...

Scan n' spray with a barcode reader set-up...

The Schulze Pretreatmaker 5 has been designed for every type of customer, from small shops to big print houses with complex workflow operations. Simply scan the barcode on your job sheet and the machine will automatically set the spray area and amount of pretreatment optimised for that design, reducing wastage and increasing productivity*. All you have to do is load the garment and press "START".

*(Additional software and equipment may be required).

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